Just want to say Thank YOU!! As an Electrician for a Municipality you hear a lot of promises!!! Most things never work/ operate like it was sold. BW Allen did exactly what they said they would do!!! You knew your product (inside and out). It was shipped on time, no damage and it actually worked, will definitely be a return customer. Thanks again for your help, we were down and you went above and beyond to accommodate us!!  

C Howard, Alabama 
Dec 2021

"I am a weekend warrior in charge of a Class B Water System (9 Houses). When I replaced the old rusting out steel tank with two new black poly tanks, the (BW)control system for the tank fill began having intermittent problems. Between bad grounding, extremely soft sweet water, and 50 year old corroded probes, it was giving me fits. After hours searching Ametek's website and reading all of the literature I could find, I thought I had the problems diagnosed but I could not find a technician at Ametek to assist me and confirm.  I finally stumbled across the BW Allen website and they were more than willing to assist me and confirm my diagnosis and indeed improving upon it. What took me a month to figure out would have taken a 10 or 15 minute phone call had I found them earlier and they quickly shipped out the parts I needed. It was a pleasure doing business with them and I highly recommend the BW Allen Company. Everything is working fine now. Thank you."

Michael B. Murphy -
President for Life (God Help Me) of the Kopachuck Water Association
Gig Harbor, WA"


"Thanks so much for your time on the phone helping us in diagnosing the problems with the level sensors in the storage tank. It was exactly what you thought it was. The sensors needed to be removed from the tank and cleaned up due to them being submerged in water for the last ten years. I truly appreciate you taking the extra time with us as it was an emergency call for one of our good customers that didn’t have any water. Thanks again for your awesome customer service!! "

Gary Guerndt
PGA Inc.


"I have used B/W level controls and probes for 28 years in and on all equipment that my company operates and maintains, we have had no problems or failures and are very happy with their performance. I would recommend these controls to anyone that needs to control fluid levels." 

Maryland Environmental Service


"We just installed B/W controls on a new system in MS. I have been installing these controls for over twenty years and have found none that are better for small rural systems where operators have limited resources- they keep on working year after year with very little maintenance needed. They also give you the same level every time as they are not effected by different weather conditions. I know of more than one system that has been in operation for over fifteen years with no problems and no call back. From the simple system to the most complicated I have seen these work without problems. I installed a county wide system in North Carolina that had very complicated controls and the engineer installed these as a back up and every time the system controls had problems the B/Ws picked up and operated without any error. I recommend these to anyone that wants a system that works each and every time."  

Glen Padgett 
Padgett Contracting 
Andalusia, Alabama.


"We have been very satisfied with the ease of installation and dependability of the BW  Level Control System. Customers have been impressed with the results and have requested the equipment on subsequent projects. Thanks for your excellent support!" 

Pat Armstrong
Matthews, NC


"I have been using B/W Controls for 30 years - they are very rugged and reliable. I use them on all eleven of my fermentation  tanks." 

Centre Ingredients Technology
Rockingham, NC


"The B/W Induction Relays that we  use on our Horizontal Pump control box are working very reliably. Thank you for your fast delivery time. I had called you late in the day and asked for overnight delivery. 
Somehow you made that happen and we received it early the next morning. We appreciate your commitment and quick service. Thanks again." 

Glenn Cabral 
Morton Salt


"Thank you for helping me specify the hardware for our pump down application. As we discussed, I have installed many of your level control systems over the years and have been very happy with them. I have never had to replace any BW parts, ever. Every call back I have received on a BW Controls installation has turned out to be a problem with other manufacturers hardware. I look forward to working with BW Controls for many more years."

Mark Thurston
RMS Services LLC
North Chesterfield, VA

Good morning Walt, thanks for all of your help . When our company Camp Holly Springs started bottling distilled 5 gallon water bottles along with spring water 5 gallon bottles, when we switched to distilled water our hyper ozonated water holding tank would always overflow because of the low conductivity of distilled water. Your recommendation of the 1500-G-L1-S11-00-X solved our issue without having to rebuild the entire level control system . Your patience and time with me on the phone was a life saver for us. Thanks for the great service you supplied.

Tim Douglas
Camp Holly Springs
Richmond VA

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