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"I have been using B/W Controls for 30 years - they are very rugged and reliable. I use them on all eleven of my fermentation tanks"
CEO,  Centre Ingredients Technology, Rockingham, NC

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BW Liquid Level Controls   - Ametek Drexelbrook Sensors and Controls

From its inception in 1933, B/W Controls has been one of the leaders in liquid level measurement.   It all started with B/W's original idea to use the electrical conductivity
of many liquids to design a float-less level sensor.   Since then, the idea has earned worldwide recognition as one of the most reliable and versatile systems of its kind.
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~ liquid level and water monitoring solutions since 1961 ~
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* B/W Control Systems  have been proudly made or assembled in the USA for over 70 yrs!
 Some components or base materials may be of 
non-domestic or unknown origin. 
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NOTE : B/W Controls are now under the corporate umbrella of Ametek Drexelbrook. The name change to B/W Drexelbrook reflects that but otherwise the product line remains the same. B/W Drexelbrook Level Controls are still manufactured at the Clawson/Peck facilities in Michigan and still have the same high quality and rugged reliability customers have come to depend on for almost 100 yrs.