From its inception in 1933, B/W Controls has been one of the leaders in liquid level measurement.   It all started with B/W's original idea to use the electrical conductivity 
of many liquids to design a float-less level sensor.   Since then, the idea has earned worldwide recognition as one of the most reliable and versatile systems of its kind.

Conductive point level switches have been used in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries; as well as in municipal water works, sewage treatment plants, and numerous other commercial and industrial applications where monitoring of conductive liquids and some moist bulk materials is crucial.   Ametek has added to the B/W Controls Line of products over the years. 
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B/W Controls now offers a variety of float, tilt switches for all types of point level applications.  In addition, a patented magnetostrictive sensor with a unique design was developed for precise continuous liquid level measurement.  

Magnetostrictive probes have become the primary technology in petroleum storage tanks for industrial, processing and commercial applications.  These probes provide a standard analog output and have hazardous approvals for use in underground and above ground storage tanks with a maximum measuring span of 50ft. with 0.1% accuracy.

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