Eco-Friendly B/W Pro-Stik Application

Wake County School System
Contractor: NW Poole Well and Pump Co
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Back-up Fire Protection System

Contractor: MECO, Inc  -  Matthews, NC

Increasingly, municipal ordinances are requiring back-up emergency water sources in case of a fire. A typical B/W system for a fire protection tank uses an 8040 Series panel for make-up valve/fill tank with high and low alarm and five probes in a large capacity non-pressurized tank. MECO Inc has  installed a number of these systems.

The largest high school in Wake County, NC, Rolesville High School was completed in 2013 and incorporates a B/W 7330 Series Continuous Level Probe into an eco-friendly  cooling system that will help minimize stormwater runoff  and reduce utility costs by capturing rainwater in a cistern and then pumping the water to two 500-ton chillers that will cool the air for the school.  The rainwater is pumped through a cooling system that helps keep the chillers operating within the desired temperature range.

The Pro-Stik gives the maintenance staff a constant level readout in order to make sure sufficient water is maintained in the system.
Water Softener System
Large Hospital, Central Florida

Contractor : Milena International inc

The hospital uses a water softener system for the HVAC chiller. The salt tank holds 55,000 lbs of salt, and water was being added manually to the salt tank to maintain the solution. A B/W five-probe system was added to control and automate the water going into the tank with an on/off, hi alarm, lo alarm indication.

Auxiliary Water Supply
Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Ct

Contractor : The Water Store

The Florence Griswold  Museum in Old Lyme , CT holds one of the finest collections of American Impressionist art in the country.  During the busy tourist season,  the slow-producing well that provides fresh water for the museum is sometimes not adequate. The contractor installed a series of  five 300 gallon tanks servicing two buildings. Two control tanks with B/W probes and Series 1500 relays control a constant pressure pump that maintains adequate water supply in the two buildings. Control Tank  Two pulls water  from Building One, which will supply water only if the well has sufficiently recovered. 

Agricultural  Drain  Field Control
Owner:  Hovatter  Brothers  Milan, MI

Contractor: Owner

Hovatter Brothers is a successful farm operation in Michigan producing corn and soybeans.  In order to maintain proper drainage for stormwater runoff, subsurface drain fields or 'tile' fields, are used to channel the runoff to drainage ditches or canals. With this application, pump stations using B/W  probes and 1500 Series relays were needed for approximately each 20 acre parcel, to collect the runoff at the drain field low point and lift it to the nearest drainage ditch.  Reliable and simple to use,  B/W Controls are ideal for ranch and agricultural operations. Drain fields, livestock watering stations, fresh water supply, and irrigation are just some of the many applications for ranches, farms , and rural locations.

Unifloat For Landscape Irrigation
Owner: Augusta Technical College, Augusta, GA

Contractor: owner

The Maintenance Dept for the school selected the B/W 7014 Unifloat to control a well pump that fills a 1000 gallon non-pressurized tank for irrigating the campus landscape. The Unifloat was mounted in a stilling pipe and attached to the tank for ease of access and maintenance. The Unifloat was chosen for its flexibility , durability, and simplicity - the reed switches inside the guide tube can easily be repositioned or reconfigured, or more added, depending on irrigation needs and  characteristics of the well supply
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