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B/W Controls are component based, that is, the three main components; controller, sensor, and holder, are selected and matched based on the application. This makes B/W Control level systems extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any application, but some specific questions must be answered in order to design your application properly.  Also, please contact us with any questions regarding specifications, technical or other requirements for any particular product before ordering.  Once installed, however, B/W Controls provide high-quality, reliable service for years. We will be glad to help you with your application.

Some questions to consider:                                       See chart below

  •     What is the liquid?
  •     Pump up or pump down?
  •     Hi or Lo alarm?                                                                        
  •     Valve control?
  •     How many pumps?
  •     Are they fixed or sequenced?
  •     Is there a well, tank, or lagoon?
  •     What is the depth?
  •     What is the distance from hi level to lo level?
  •     Pressurized or not?
  •     Distance from sensors to control relay?
  •     What is the line voltage?
  •     Hazardous or corrosive environment?
  •     Indoor or outdoor installation?
  •     Is there conduit, buried cable, or overhead telephone line                      available for sensing circuit?
  •     Will electrode(sensor) holder mount to a threaded riser or                    companion flange?

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